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Andrew Stein

Andrew Stein brings over 30 years of hiking experience to the local trails in our area.

Andrew has hiked all over the country, from Alaska, to Montana and to the Rockies. These days you can find him almost daily on the trails with his faithful 4 footed companion Molly, a retriever, who is loved by all Club fit hiking members! Molly has been hiking with the club since she was literally a few months old!

Andrew is a filmmaker, and the owner of his video production company, Andrew Stein Videography. His work includes documentaries, event videos, non-profit promotional work, musical and theatrical presentations, plus much more! The New York Yankees, CNN, NBC, Con Edison, IBM, were just some of his projects.

The Hudson Valley has been his favorite area to hike, especially on the Appalachian Trail. Andrew’s goal is to introduce the many trails that run in the vicinity of the Hudson Valley so that others can experience the beauty of the region, and improve your mental and physical health. As a hiking leader for Club Fit for over 20 years he has led numerous hikes throughout the region exposing local residents of the beauty and the rich history the Hudson River Valley has to offer.

Some of Andrew’s favorite hikes in the area are the Hudson Highlands State Park, which runs along both sides of the Hudson River in Putnam and Dutchess Counties. Anthony’s Nose, Cornell Mine, Doodletown, and Mt. Taurus are just some of the scenic hikes the club enjoys. Fahnstock Park, Harriman Park, Bear Mountain, and Teatown are also favorites with a lifetime worth of trails to explore and enjoy.

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