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Jefferson Valley

Why is it important for you to exercise? Do you want to get stronger, feel better, look better, fight diseases, or improve your mental health? We are here to ensure you keep moving more while enjoying how it makes you feel.  Our fitness mission is to make every effort to ensure our members feel supported and welcomed. We work hard to provide education and motivation for our members and their guests. We have staff on the floor to assist with our equipment and circuits to ensure a safe workout. Our Fit Coaches are always available to answer your questions and help motivate you!

We run free group fitness classes daily to make the most of the functional training equipment available and our fitness programming includes a variety of both free and paid classes to offer you a variety of training options. We also offer a Cancer Wellness program, designed to meet the special needs of people undergoing and recovering from cancer treatment.

We’ll keep you motivated while helping you set and reach fitness goals to match your lifestyle and experiences. Our spacious layout and variety of fitness spaces make it easier to find the perfect fit for your exercise needs. Ready to get started?


During your free 60-minute appointment, your Fit Coach helps you plan a workout to address your fitness goals and be a good match to help you want to exercise more often. 


Create your own exercises or recall your program on my wellness: you can read your sets, reps and weights on screen. UNITY MINI also counts your rest times.

Monitor your exercise live! Your range of movement is calculated on the spot, just follow the curves for the most effective concentric and eccentric movements.


Aerobic exercise is part of almost everyone’s work out so we have lots of it.
It is easy to find an available machine.


Work on improving your full body strength while shedding fat and improving your agility and endurance.

Lessons and programs are available


Our multi-level fitness facility houses a weight room in our upper fitness area with tons of free weights and machines such as bench presses, squat racks, leg press, and more.


Yup – strength training equipment, cardio equipment and space for stretching in an area only for women.


Suspension Training exercise develops strength, improves balance, flexibility and core stability. TRX leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to enable hundreds of exercises for every fitness goal. Free classes offered daily.

A free, small group training class in where the focus is on goal based programming. Whether it be to lose weight, improve your athletic performance, increase endurance or improve physical ability due to aging or injury, DRIVE is the class for you.


Each trainer is certified and many have college degrees in physical education or exercise-related areas. Our team comes from a variety of fitness experiences so we can make sure you find someone on our team to understand your vision of good health.


Dedicated space for traditional strength training equipment.

Work on a full range of motion, and promote and encourage full body stabilization.

Personal Training Options

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The bottom line on exercise: Exercise and physical activity are great ways to feel better, boost your health and have fun. Everyone benefits from exercise, regardless of age or physical ability. Need more convincing to get moving? Check out these fitness facts, myths and truths on how exercise can lead to a happier, healthier you.

Benefits of regular physical activity:

1. Helps control weight
2. Combats health conditions & diseases
3. Improves mood & boosts energy
4. Promotes better sleep
5. Exercise is fun and social!


Lifting makes you bulky
Keto is the best diet ever
Big weights make big muscles
Every workout must be pure annihilation
A personal trainer will fix me

Benefits of regular physical activity:

Lifting makes you strong/happy/not bulky
The best diet is the right one for you
Yes, but also time under tension and protein
Good movement & function come first
Only you can “fix” you, a trainer can help


What Our Members Say

“Great gym. Professional staff. Sauna. Pool. Steam room. Jacuzzi. Basketball courts. Tennis. Racquetball, and more. I’ve been going to Club Fit since 2012. The other gym members are fantastic as well and I have built many friendships during my time here. Would certainly recommend this gym to friends and family.”

“Club Fit is basically my second home. I love everything about it! The classes and instructors are great. The instructors always take the time to tend to the need of the individual. The club is clean, the staff is friendly and terrific facilities…”

“Best fitness facility I’ve been to. Squeaky clean, spacious and a lot of equipments/machines to choose from….I enjoy working out at Club Fit!”

“The ultimate in quality, cleanliness, and the varied offerings for a workout. I have never been in gym that can compare with what Club Fit offers.”

“I took TRX with Tom Gurba and loved it! Ever since, he says a warm hello and makes me feel so welcome every single time I see him.”
-Meaghan Roche