Staying on track, out of town.

Kendra2Earlier this fall, I traveled out of town for a few days on a business trip. I was excited, but also worried about staying aligned with my diet and fitness goals on the road. In the past, I haven’t been great about navigating or recovering from interruptions to my usual routine. This time, I spent some time packing and planning in advance.

Here’s what I did:

I packed multiple changes of workout clothes, and an alarm clock, which allowed me to grab a fresh set of clothes whenever I could squeeze in a few minutes at the hotel gym.

I packed a ton of healthy snacks, and tracked my calorie intake using an iPhone app. (I use MyFitnessPal.) On a business trip, you eat out a lot, and it can be hard to “guesstimate” an accurate entry for meals. By having healthy snacks to munch on during the day, I was able to keep my take-out meals (and the guesswork) to a minimum.

I brought my new MyZone 3 belt to track my workouts. By using the smartphone app to view my heart rate zone during my workout, I was able to make the best use of my limited workout time, just like when I’m at the Club.

I carried a water bottle to refill between work sessions to stay hydrated. This helped keep food cravings to a minimum, and kept me feeling great while I spent most of my day sitting in a seminar.

Sounds perfect, right? I am the queen of planning! I am a superhero and none shall put my forward momentum asunder! Still, the best laid plans can go awry, and I did learn some very important lessons. Here’s what I also could have done to set myself up for success.

Brought a lightweight exercise or yoga mat for my hotel room. I was surprised to find that the hotel gym was even smaller than my super-tiny hotel room. There was one elliptical machine, one recumbent bike, one treadmill, one rack of free weights, and not much room to swing a sweat towel, or even do some simply bodyweight exercises. Having extra cushioning for the floor in my hotel room would have helped me use that space for stretching, yoga, or a little core work.

Packed a bigger variety of healthy snacks, and more than I thought I needed. I brought enough to sustain me during my time out of town, but by the end of the trip, what I missed was choices. On my last day, I just didn’t feel like peanut butter chocolate chip protein bars anymore. I’d rather carry home a few uneaten snacks, but have enjoyed my snacks along the way, than get sick and tired of some of my favorites.

Penciled in workouts on my calendar for the days AFTER I returned. Sometime after I returned home, I was shocked when I realized that three days had passed without exercising. Even though I had kept myself on track pretty well during my trip, somehow that attention just flew out the window when I got back! I should have written a workout into my calendar for the days following, to ensure that making time for exercise was an intentional part of resuming my normal schedule.

Any other tips, Club Fitters? What has worked for you?


Welcome New Club Fit Staff Member – Jennifer Padilla

IMG_20151120_133641523 Jen Padilla (2132x2500)New Club Fit Staff Member – Jennifer Padilla

Briarcliff Manor – Receptionist

Jen graduated from Mercy College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science in Psychology. She is currently working towards her Masters in Mental Health Counseling at Iona College. In her free time Jen enjoys reading, listening to music and playing soccer. Jen likes Club Fit for its atmosphere and is looking forward to working with the team.

Welcome New Club Fit Staff Member – Patrick Lynch

IMG_20151111_123516 Patrick LynchNew Club Fit Staff Member – Patrick Lynch

Jefferson Valley – Referee

Pat received his BA from St. John’s University.  He also attended NYU to pursue a graduate degree in journalism.  Pat is the father of Connor and Emily, and the grandfather of Gavin.  Pat’s wife, Rosemary, has been a member of Club Fit since 1985.  Pat worked as an insurance investigator for 40 years.  He has officiated high school girls’ basketball for over 20 years.

Club Fit Briarcliff Fitness Director Susie Reiner

— written by Club Fit Member and Guest Blogger Lisa Skelton

Club Fit Briarcliff Fitness Director Susie Reiner loves
helping Members improve their well-being.

Club Fit Briarcliff Fitness Director Susie Reiner

Club Fit Briarcliff Fitness Director Susie Reiner

When you put yourself in the hands of a Personal Trainer, that’s exactly what it is for many people… personal. You trust that your trainer has your best interests at heart, and you need to feel comfortable opening up to them about your goals, your insecurities, your expectations. And feel comfortable letting them see you pre-shower, in all your workout glory!

If the thought of using a Personal Trainer intimidates you, spend some time with Club Fit Briarcliff Fitness Director Susie Reiner… you’ll feel totally comfortable in no time. Susie has served as Director since June 2014, and not only is she one of the most approachable staff members here at Club Fit Briarcliff, she is highly qualified for the position. She began as a dancer, earning her BA in Theater from CUNY Hunter College, but through her own experience with fitness regimens soon realized that personal training was a better fit. “I realized that personal training could accomplish more than just treating someone’s injury or disease. I could get instant feedback, and felt I was actually affecting and preventing disease.”

Susie went on to earn her Master’s in Exercise Science & Health Promotion from California University of Pennsylvania, and began at Club Fit Jefferson Valley as a Group Fitness Instructor in 2009. Her personal training career began in 2010 with her appointment as Personal Training Coordinator. She took a break from Club Fit with a few other positions, including time spent at Texas A & M University, where she served as Fitness Coordinator in the campus gym and as Lecturer in the Health & Kinesiology Department. Lucky for us, she’s back at Club Fit!

“I’m not a salesperson, and I don’t hire salespeople,” says Susie, who is a Certified Exercise Physiologist (ACSM) and a Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM). “All I know is that fitness is good for you, and I want to make sure everyone is here for the right reasons. I want to improve our members’ well being and quality of life.” That explains Susie’s focus on staff, and their development and growth. She also emphasizes that she does not want any of her staff members to focus on one demographic group. “I want the Club Fit Trainers to be in a position to help everyone, at every age and ability level.” In order to do this, Susie has been putting an emphasis on education and certifications.

Since Susie started, the Personal Training staff has taken an important step in differentiating itself from other health club trainers – Smart Fitness certification. The program was rolled out at Club Fit in January 2015, and in six months, every trainer had successfully completed the program. “It sets us apart from the competition because the training equips the trainer with a baseline knowledge that qualifies them to work with and handle certain medical conditions if a doctor suggests a client begin a fitness regimen,” says Susie. The program also helped put our veteran trainers and the new hires on the same level. For more information on each of our Personal Trainers, click here.

Club Fit is also partnering with CUNY Lehman and Mercy College, with students interning in our Fitness Center. Susie and Club Fit Briarcliff General Manager Mark Cuatt have also been guest lecturing at Mercy College. “It’s a growing relationship, in a growing field,” says Susie.

Susie is also working to create more options for members within the Fitness Center. “Ideally, we can offer a variety of different small group programs at different price points,” she says. “But almost all of our Fit Coaches are now certified Personal Trainers, so you are getting the biggest bang for your buck no matter what you do!”

For more information on Club Fit’s Fitness programming and Personal Training packages, contact Susie at, or 914-250-2795. And begin to make the most of your workout time!

Welcome New Club Fit Staff Member – Kirsten Paddock

IMG_20151021_131709672 Paddock (960x1280)New Club Fit Staff Member – Kirsten Paddock

Jefferson Valley – Child Care Worker

Kirsten is a recent graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in Recreation and Parks Administration. She is an avid University of Kentucky fan, go big blue!  Kirsten loves the color pink and country music.  She’s excited to add her positive attitude and compassion for others to Club Fit! .

Welcome New Club Fit Staff Member – Evan Delfs

IMG_20151021_133020027_TOP Delfs (960x1280)New Club Fit Staff Member – Evan Delfs

Jefferson Valley – Personal Trainer

Evan has a BA in Exercise Physiology, Masters in Health Rehab and Cardiac Rehab.  Evan likes hiking, distance running, track and field, as well as other endurance based sports.  He also enjoys ultimate Frisbee and painting.  Evan’s philosophy of exercise is  “To inspire individuals to maintain healthy lifestyles by becoming lifetime participants in exercise.  Each of us have busy lifestyles, so we must strive to make our fitness training productive and meaningful.”

Accolades to our Exceptional Staff!

Here’s what one member had to say about both JV and Briarcliff clubs!

“I’ve always had a positive experience with JV! My main reason for changing clubs was the convenience of Briarcliff being on my way to work.  The staff at Briarcliff at 5:00 a.m. is the most dependable, competent, friendly and helpful group I can remember.  Bill, Cassie, Mark, Joe – super group.”

Welcome New Club Fit Staff Member – Sarah Cummings

IMG_20151005_171415347 Sarah CummingsWelcome New Club Fit Staff Member – Sarah Cummings

Jefferson Valley – Membership Representative

Sarah’s home town is right down the road in Peekskill.  She graduated from SUNY Purchase with a BA in History in 2009.  Since then, she has been enjoying a successful career in sales.  Her passions include running, nature, animals, eating great food, and spending time with her wonderful family!