New Club Fit Staff Member – Alexandra Sansone

Alexandra SasoneNew Club Fit Staff Member – Alexandra Sansone

Briarcliff – Group Fitness Class Instructor

Aly is Fitness Professional with a background in Psychology. Instructor, Trainer and Professor, she approaches fitness holistically with the goal of helping people become their happiest, healthiest, most effective self. Born and raised in Westchester, Aly believes that we all have something to learn and there is always room for improvement. Reach your goal and raise the bar.

New Club Fit Staff Member – Jason Reyes

Jason ReyesNew Club Fit Staff Member – Jason Reyes

Briarcliff – Group Fitness Class Instructor

Jason is a fitness professional with over 20 years’ experience helping clients of all walks of life reach their goals. With significant accomplishments in the worlds of bodybuilding, triathlon, and CrossFit, Jason combines his love of variety to bring the best out in his clients.


New Club Fit Staff Member – Samantha Cichocki

Samantha CichockiNew Club Fit Staff Member – Samantha Cichocki

Jefferson Valley – Childcare Worker

Samantha is currently studying for her MS in School Counseling at Mercy College. Samantha is bilingual in English and Polish. Interestingly only a select few people call her by her full name, she is mostly referred to as ‘Sam’. Samantha has a passion of traveling and seeing all the interesting places in the world. In her free time she enjoys kickboxing, hanging with friends, and just sipping on a good cup of coffee.




Snow Shoveling Injury Prevention

Snow Shoveling the Correct Way to Avoid Injuries

by Meryle Richman, PT, DPT, MS

Woman Shoveling Snow

Snow shoveling is a repetitive activity that can cause muscle strain to the lower back and shoulders. Back injuries due to snow shoveling are more likely to happen to people who may not know that they are out of condition. Following these tips can help you avoid injuries.


● Lift smaller loads of snow, rather than heavy shovelfuls. Be sure to take care to bend your knees and lift with your legs rather than your back.

● Use a shovel with a shaft that lets you keep your back straight while lifting. A short shaft will cause you to bend more to lift the load. Using a shovel that’s too long makes the weight at the end heavier. Step in the direction in which you are throwing the snow to prevent the low back from twisting. This will help prevent “next-day back fatigue.”

● Avoid excessive twisting because the spine cannot tolerate twisting as well as it can tolerate other movements. Bend your knees and keep your back as straight as possible so that you are lifting with your legs.

● Take frequent breaks when shoveling. Stand up straight and walk around periodically to extend the lower back.

● Backward bending exercises while standing will help reverse the excessive forward bending of shoveling: stand straight and tall, place your hands toward the back of your hips, and bend backwards slightly for several seconds.

Here are some Healthy Tips for Safely Shoveling Snow

Stretches that target the trunk, legs and upper body:

Counter-Top stretch (Low back): Place your hands on your kitchen counter and walk backwards until your body makes an L-shape. Bend or hinge forward from your hips, while keeping your back lengthened your arms forward. You will feel a stretch in your back and throughout your trunk. Hold this for 10 long, deep breaths.

Heel Up On a Chair stretch (hamstrings): While holding onto some support, straighten your leg out and place your heel up on a chair, tighten that thigh, and pull those toes towards your body. Feel the stretch in the back of your leg. There’s no need to bend forward and it’s better if you don’t. Just stand up tall and keep both legs active. Hold 10 breaths. Repeat other side.

Bent Knee with Ankle in Hand stretch (quadriceps): Keep holding onto some support as you grab one foot with one hand behind your buttocks and hold it as you bend that leg. You should feel this stretch in the front of the thigh of the bent leg as you hold for 10 breaths. Repeat other side.

Core Strengthening Exercise:

● While standing, imagine pulling your belly button in towards your spine and engage your abdominal muscles without letting your pelvis tuck under. Try holding this for 5-10 seconds while breathing normally and repeat this a few times until it makes sense. This exercise uses the innermost layer of abdominal and back muscles and reminds your body where the center of your core strength is.


● As you are shoveling snow, focus on the rotating movements happening in your  hip joints. You can place your finger on the front of your hip joints (located at the top of each thigh near the groin) and practice a few sways side to side, simulating raking. Avoid letting the rotation happen at your waist—this will cause unnecessary movement around your lumbar spine.

● Continue to focus on the core strength exercise above and engage your belly  button in towards your spine as you rake, activating those lumbar spine  stabilizers. Pay attention to loosening up any stiffness in your legs and trunk muscles and you will go a long way to preventing injury to your back!

If your back hurts from shoveling snow or you have complaints of neck or shoulder pain, call to make an appointment with one of our staff of knowledgeable physical therapists for a free 15 minute consultation. Our experienced and dedicated licensed physical therapists can also help you get started with treatment. With Direct Access a prescription is not required to be evaluated. . Most insurance plans are accepted. Contact IvyRehab Briarcliff (914) 762-2222 and IvyRehab Jefferson Valley (914) 245-8807 or visit our Website — — to learn more about Direct Access.


New Club Fit Staff Member – Eric Dammeyer

Eric Dammeyer

New Club Fit Staff Member – Eric Dammeyer

Jefferson Valley – Lifeguard

Eric is a senior at Somers High School in Somers, NY. He plans on studying environmental science when he starts college. He loves to play football and obviously enjoys swimming. Being that he is an avid New York Giants fan, it is suggested that Dallas Cowboy fans keep their distance, though he will gladly but cautiously hold a conversation with them. Eric is always looking to help out those around him and have a good time.

New Club Fit Staff Member – Benjamin Steiger

Benjamin SteigerNew Club Fit Staff Member – Benjamin Steiger

Briarcliff – Lifeguard

Ben is a high school senior, who has a 3.7 GPA and is a three sport athlete. He plays drums and guitar and can play with anyone at any time. His friends call him Steigs and any staff member is welcome to do so. He is a friendly and outgoing guy who hopes to be close with his soon to be staff.

To Keep You Inspired … Balancing Indulgences

My indulgence is … I find balance by …

My indulgence is chocolate — particularly a shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate my family has made for the holidays for years.

I find balance by not keeping “indulgence foods” in the house or at least put them away so they are not easy to grab when looking for a snack. – Ellen Koelsch

My indulgence is cheese, GLORIOUS CHEESE!
I find balance by allowing myself to nibble on cheese only after achieving 12,000 steps in a day. – Lynne Welling

My indulgence is candy…lots of it!
My balance is tennis, treadmill, and training. – Alice Daly

My indulgence is dessert.
I find balance by being out on the tennis court for 8 hours a day. – Michael Bratt

My indulgence is a special family crumb cake recipe that is more crumbs than cake.
I find balance by only serving this during the holidays and in between I enjoy the many classes at Club Fit and biking the trailways. – Maura Schneider

My indulgence is pasta/carbs! And I’m not even Italian!
I find balance by not eating bread. – Diane Rich

My indulgence is alcohol, especially red wine and scotch.
I find balance by skipping one or two snacks on the days I indulge or cut a meal in half. On the days that I overindulge I increase my next cardio workout to compensate. – Prudence Pitter

My Indulgence is spaghetti and meatballs.
I find balance by eating it only twice a month. – Jasmin Fleming

My indulgence is eating potato chips. “You can’t eat just one” certainly applies to me.
I find balance by only buying the small bags. Portion control!! – Mary Ann Helf

Joe: My indulgence is ITALIAN FOOD
I find balance on the stair stepper and treadmill! – Joe Riley

My indulgence is eggnog.
I find balance with spin classes. – Jen Schildwachter

My indulgence is dessert.
I find balance by going for holiday runs and extra cardio. – Evan Delfs

My indulgence is pasta.
I find balance through smart eating the rest of the day. – Jen Ritz

My indulgence is ‘grazing’ appetizers at holiday parties.
I find balance by picking my favorite having 2 and skipping the rest. – Denise Harrington

My indulgence is pie and rainbow cookies. I find balance with intervals on the stair stepper. – Jim Ready

My indulgence is extra chocolate crinkle cookies.
I find balance by lifting heavy. – Dan Franz

My indulgence is the homemade cookies.
I find balance by practicing mindful eating. – Cathy DiSomma

My indulgence is pizza.
I find balance in allowing myself to have it once a month but only if it is exactly the perfect pie from one of my favorite pizza places, never from a box, never just to simply eat an average piece of pizza. – Brenda Bettman

My indulgences are nuts and chocolate.
I find a balance by not baking for the holidays — if it’s not here, I can’t eat it. – Rose Arrucci

My indulgence is the peanut butter chocolate bars my mom makes for every holiday.
I find balance by running an extra mile or two on the treadmill when I know I’ve eaten a few too many! – Megan Bradbury

My indulgence is Little Sorrento bread.
I find balance in bringing dinner home instead of dining in so I cannot ask for more. – Jodi Coitino

My indulgence is chocolate!
I find balance by taking nice walks and bike rides along the Hudson. – Pam Rotando

My indulgence is carbs (mainly pasta and bread).
I find balance by not over-indulging and making sure I stick to my work out routine 3 – 4 times a week – Laura Crowe

My indulgence is Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. I find myself eating bags at time.
I find balance by purchasing only one bag of Pepperidge Farm while grocery shopping and purchasing more unprocessed ready to consume foods like fruits, nuts, and vegetables. – Phil Brigante

My indulgence is television.
I find balance by spending time with friends and family. – Abby Jennings

My indulgence is wine
I find balance by working out, yoga and meditation every day. – Liza Forster

My indulgence is: ice cream sundaes.
I find balance by eating ice cream one – twice a month. – Andrea Vittoria

My indulgence is cheese – definitely mozzarella!
My balance is exercise (meeting my step goal)! – Amanda Raiano

My indulgence is SmartFood popcorn … can’t get enough of it!
I find balance by buying the small 100-calorie packs! – Laura Susi

My indulgence is football.
I find my balance by getting all of my schoolwork done so I can enjoy all the games! – Gianna Ronca

My indulgence is sweet beverages like coffees, chai tea lattes, milkshakes…
I find balance by keeping them as treats and sticking with herbal teas and fruit/veggie smoothies as my daily go to. – Vanessa Carter

My indulgence is chocolate covered almonds… yum!
I find balance by only rewarding myself after I finish a task or chores. :) – Michelle Furgiuele

My indulgence is sweets.
I find balance in walking at last 10,000 steps a day. – Laura Braun

My indulgence is chocolate covered Oreos.
I find balance by working out 3 – 4 days a week. – Kaitlyn Schmeir

My indulgence is my baking.
I find balance by working out at least 15 minutes. – Jo Ann Schmeir

My indulgence is ice cream.
I find balance by only having it a few times a week. – Angelina Curcio

My indulgence is sweets.
I find balance by not keeping to many sweets in the house. – Jennifer DeBellis

My indulgence is pizza and cupcakes!
I find balance by training for/running Tough Mudders. – Kristen Saffo

My indulgence is chocolate of any kind.
I find balance by having only small amounts and not keeping it in the house. – Dana Tatela

My indulgence is eating McDonald’s.
I find balance by eating three apples a day. – Jackson Childs

My indulgence is food/cheeseburgers.
My balance is working out & doing Tough Mudders. – Ryan Williams

My indulgence is candy…
I find balance by working out at the gym and playing sports. – Kelly Becker

My indulgence is eating Ben & Jerry’s (Creamy dark chocolate brownie with hot fudge and vanilla with chocolate chips, brownie, and caramel).
I find balance in maxing out my workouts. – Dana Marie DeNapoli

My indulgence is cookies.
I find balance by making healthy choices all week before enjoying my indulgence! – Gina Acker

MY indulgence is bagels. The real deal bagel. Fresh, chewy adorned with a modest coat of cream cheese and topped with, when available, a slab of fresh tomato.
I find balance with exercise!!!!!! – Larry Koffer

My indulgence is wine,
I find balance by only drinking on Saturday – Angela Sampogna

My indulgences are Italian food and beer,
I find balance by working out 2 – 3 times a week at Club Fit – Rachel M

My indulgence is martinis;
I find balance by working out a few times a week – Ally G

My indulgence is dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt.
I find balance with wine – Tara C

My indulgence is bread with butter.
I find balance by not buying it every day. – Nicole R

My indulgence is beer.
I find balance by playing soccer and basketball. – Luke F

My indulgence is Chinese food.
I find balance by using the step machine – J.P.T.

My indulgence is mac & cheese.
I find balance by playing soccer. – Fabian F

My indulgence is shopping.
I find balance by working. – Sasha W

My indulgences are pizza and cannolis.
I find balance by running. – Daniella S

My indulgence is mac & cheeses.
I find balance by eating salad. – Amanda S

My indulgence is Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.
I find balance by eating healthy meals the rest of the day. – Lisa F

My indulgence is tacos.
I find balance by walking as much as I can instead of driving. – Rebecca B

My indulgence is reading.
I find balance by making sure chores are done first. – Joyce D

My indulgences are chocolate and cookies.
I find balance by working out at Club Fit and being active with my son and dogs – Jennie B

My indulgence is to sleep late on my day off. –
I find balance in spending time with family / friends, working on my classes and working out with some of the most amazing people. – Marie Senno

My indulgence is family.
I find balance by making time for them. – Stef Fucci

My Indulgence is a long hot shower twice a day.
I find balance by keeping active physically and mentally – Carol Newman

My indulgence is chocolate.
I find balance by staying mindful, practicing yoga, and being with family. – Lucy Conway

My indulgence is life.
I find balance by breathing. – Scott Verardo

My indulgence is chocolate.
I find balance by teaching Belly Dance and socializing with my friends. – Liz Ford

My indulgence is dark chocolate
I find balance by exercising my body mind and soul. – Barbara Dellicurti’

My indulgence is wine and dining.
I find balance by doing yoga and spending time with family & friends. – Diana Morgan

My indulgence is definitely chocolate or something sweet.
I find balance through exercise, practicing moderation, and being thankful for what I have. Sarah Garcia

My indulgence is dessert every night.
I find balance by eating small, healthy meals and exercising. – Danielle Clark

My indulgence is dessert.
I find balance by limiting it to weekends only. – Diane Purdy

My indulgence is ice cream.
I find balance by allowing myself only one day per week to have it. – Andrew Amalfitano

My indulgence is dessert.
I find balance by working out every day. – Bonnie Natale

My indulgence is ice cream.
I find balance by allowing myself only one day per week to have it. – Andy Avolio

My indulgence is wine and dark chocolate.
I find balance by only allowing myself to enjoy it on the weekends! – Joanna Zottoli

My indulgence is any form of junk food (ughh).
I find balance by walking/running 4 times per week. – Nelly Belmonte

My indulgence is ice cream
I find balance by having ice cream on Monday nights only, while watching Dancing with the Stars. – Joan Serrecchia

My indulgence is chicken wings.
My balance is working out and playing basketball. – Kyle Legato

My indulgence is potato chips.
I find balance by only eating them on the weekend. – Dean D’Alessio

My indulgence is ice cream.
I find balance by hiking and being outside as much as possible. – Heather Norberto

My indulgence is chocolate.
I find balance by hiking. – Sabine Diller

My indulgence is dark chocolate!!!
I find balance by trying not to take things too seriously, dancing, surfing, laughing a lot, enjoying my family and friends, and reminding myself that I am not really in control of the big picture — just going on a wonderful ride! – Liz Mallon

My indulgence is concerts and restaurants.
I find balance in being grateful and mindful of all the good life offers. – Andrea Klekman

My Indulgence is McDonald’s.
I find balance by taking different routes home to avoid driving by one. – Rodane Robinson

My indulgence is pizza.
I find balance by running three times per week. – Matthew Macias

My indulgence is red wine.
I find balance by only having one glass and planning for an extra 30 minutes of cardio beforehand – Gillian Cobb

My indulgence is chocolate chip ice cream.
I find balance by totally enjoying it once a week, after a long run. – Cathy Cousin

My indulgence is 2 slices of chicken, bacon and ranch pizza.
I find balance by working it off on the basketball court. – Aldo Redendo

To Keep You Inspired … Diane Purdy

Club Fit’s Payroll Specialist Diane Purdy Keeps Us Inspired

{by Lisa Olney, Club Fit guest blogger}

Club Fit’s Payroll Specialist Diane Purdy with Personal Trainer Lori Nigro

Club Fit’s Payroll Specialist Diane Purdy with Personal Trainer Lori Nigro

Club Fit’s highest staff honor is its Annual Service Award, presented under veil of secrecy each year at the Annual Meeting — a day of education, team building, and staff appreciation. So, when Diane Purdy, Club Fit’s Payroll Specialist of almost 20 years was asked to lead a Q & A about the Club’s new human resource management system, Dayforce, she was prepared and ready for any question that came her way. What she wasn’t prepared for was the proverbial table turn. Instead of being introduced as the afternoon’s next speaker, she was introduced through a cleverly written poem as Club Fit’s 2016 Annual Service Award winner!

Diane may have been the only person in the room surprised by the announcement. Her consummate work ethic and dedication strikes a lasting impression for all who meet her. Diane’s attention to detail and support to managers and staff has made her invaluable in every area of Club Fit. Diane takes her responsibility as Club’s Payroll Specialist seriously, and over the years she has braved many of Mother Nature’s wicked weather curve balls to get to work, even during weather closures, because, simply put, “Our people need to get paid.” The support she provides has become her calling card, and Diane has helped guide her team through two significant technology launches helping to maximize Club Fit’s internal efficiency and overall position as a leader in the fitness industry. But most importantly, on Diane’s watch, people come first, and everyone is taken care of with equal care and attention.

Diane grew up playing basketball, softball, and running track. As an adult, she enjoyed an effortless balance of health and fitness. But time marches on, and bodies change. As Diane entered her 50s, she realized that maintaining this balance was finally going to require a little more effort. So, she decided it was time to focus on improving her own health and fitness. She found her perfect partner in Club Fit Jefferson Valley Personal Trainer Lori Nigro.

“Lori knew that I was interested in getting in shape and losing weight,” recalls Diane. After their first session, the rest was history, and they’ve been training together since March of 2015. Every Tuesday at 3:30, the duo meets for a 30-minute personal training session. Lori has incorporated high intensity training (HIT) and functional training into Diane’s repertoire. Some days are dedicated to specific body parts, and each session includes stretching and cardio. Diane’s favorite machine is the cross cable machine, and she complements her Club Fit routine by staying active and bicycling through her neighborhood.

“Over the years, I’ve tried just about everything — spinning and cardio tennis, but, this is what I do on Tuesdays,” says Diane. It has been just over 18 months since Diane started her weekly sessions with Lori. She noticed changes right away, and is proud that she has maintained her fitness and weight loss. As for her future fitness goals, Diane is happy continuing her Tuesday sessions with Lori. “I’ll stick with my program,” says Diane. “Lori has shown me so many things. She is motivating, very encouraging and great to work with.”

This February will mark Diane’s 20-year Club Fit anniversary, and Diane most values the caring and friendly culture at the Club, from the staff to the members. “It’s my home away from home, and I love the people,” said Diane. “Everybody cares about their well-being, and the Club cares about helping the community. It’s a great place to work.”

As Diane closes in on the big 2-0, staff and members alike may already know of her love of traveling, NBA basketball, and her favorite team, the San Antonio Spurs. But, did you know that Diane is a huge country music fan with an ear that would make any Nashvillian proud? In 2016 she has already seen 16 big-name artists in concert such as Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Luke Bryan, Kenney Chesney, Miranda Lambert, and on October 26, Carrie Underwood. 2016 is not over yet, however, and in November she will see Keith Urban and Brett Eldridge, and Stevie Nicks is on the docket for December. Diane has already purchased her tickets for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Soul2Soul tour in October of 2017 — just another fun fact that exemplifies Diane’s attention to detail and strategic planning, a strength that can always be counted on by the Club Fit community.

Fitness Success Story: Janet Murff

Janet and Candice

Club Fit Member Janet Murff and Personal Trainer Candice O’Brien — working together to help Janet reach her goals.

Healthier and happier — Club Fit Member Janet Murff started training with Personal Trainer Candice O’Brien in 2015 and is now stronger, fitter, and happier.

I’d like to express my appreciation to my trainer Candice and Club Fit. I am thrilled! The physical & mental benefits of exercise are amazing.

When I made my decision in November 2015 to have a personal trainer, I was out of shape and feeling stressed from two years of the life changing activities of caring for one’s parents; too much driving, too much sitting. Realizing what a difference a trainer would mean to my success, I signed up — and as luck would have it, I was paired with the right trainer from day one. I began with the goals of improved health and fitness. I knew that I could only commit to two or three gym visits per week. Consistency would make it work. Weight loss was far down my list. Today, I am much stronger, fitter, more toned, and happier than I was a year ago. Weight loss has been a bonus. I know that I could not have done this alone. I am excited to set new goals for 2017 and look forward to continue working with Candice to help me reach these.

Congratulations to Janet on her hard work and her commitment to health!

Welcome to Club Fit’s Newest Staff Members!

Merson, Robert

New Club Fit Staff Member – Robert Merson

Lifeguard – Briarcliff Manor

Robert goes to school in Plattsburgh, NY studying History, Religion, and Spanish in the hopes that he will be a history teacher. He has already been fortunate to know and meet so many people at Club Fit and is extremely excited to meet and work with everyone else.



Morales, AprilNew Club Fit Staff Member – April Morales

Childcare Worker – Briarcliff Manor

April is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz with a degree in Psychology. April works as a 1:1 Aide with children with developmental disabilities, and hopes to get her Masters Degree in Child Psychology.




O'Connell, Jake2New Club Fit Staff Member – Jake O’Connell

Maintenance Worker – Briarcliff Manor

Jake is a mechanical engineering student at Manhattan College. He loves to play sports and have fun!





Stovall, TarikNew Club Fit Staff Member – Tarik Stovall

Childcare Worker – Briarcliff Manor

Tarik graduated from Stepinac High School with a 3.0 He loves football and basketball. Tarik has two younger brothers.




IMG_20161007_094509 Phil BriganteNew Club Fit Staff Member – Phillip M Brigante

Human Resources Generalist – Briarcliff Manor and Jefferson Valley

Phil has a BA from UCONN and a MSHRM from Sacred Heart University. He enjoys just about any sport, but has a passion for watching football and playing golf. Phil lives in South Salem, NY with his wife Lauren, son Drew, and 12 year old Airedale Terrier, Bentley.



Guerrero, ChristianNew Club Fit Staff Member – Christian Guerrero

Fitness Coach – Jefferson Valley

Christian is a student at SUNY Cortland studying Exercise Science. He loves baseball and basketball, Yankees and Knicks. Christian enjoys spending time outside with family and friends. He has a cat named Shadow and a German Shepard named Khloe.




Franz, DanielNew Club Fit Staff Member – Daniel Franz

Fitness Coach – Jefferson Valley

Daniel is from Rome, NY and recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in both Exercise Science and Kinesiology. He loves seeking out challenges, and his hobbies include water skiing, hiking, camping, riding horses and pretty much anything outdoors!




NathalieNew Club Fit Staff Member – Nathalie Garcia

Lifeguard – Jefferson Valley

Nathalie is a student at SUNY Cortland majoring in Community Health. She enjoys running. She is a new lifeguard and new to Club Fit. Nathalie is looking forward to working with you all.




Cobb, Gillian3New Club Fit Staff Member – Gillian Cobb

Racquetball Professional – Jefferson Valley

Gillian has been an active member of the racquetball community for 10 years. She currently plays an open level and is ranked seventh in NY state. She is looking forward to re-introducing a racquetball program into the club and working with players of all skill levels and ages. Off the court Gillian is pursuing a degree in Exercise and Wellness Studies.



Dubin, MariaNew Club Fit Staff Member – Maria Dubin

Water Safety Instructor – Jefferson Valley

A competitive swimmer for ten years, Maria attends Binghamton University where she studies philosophy. Taking from personal experience in the cultivation of technique and endurance in swimming, it is a goal to instill a light in those who see a potential to grow through swimming, and to carry the learned strengths through life. It is a gift to fuel a spark in others that was given to one, and has established a perpetuating light in their life.



Brignolo, RebeccaNew Club Fit Staff Member – Rebecca Brignolo

Receptionist – Jefferson Valley

Rebecca is currently a student at Westchester Community College. She hopes to work in higher education and student affairs one day. When she is not in school or at work, she enjoys spending time with friends, going to the theater and traveling.




Pitter, PrudenceNew Club Fit Staff Member – Prudence Pitter

Chief Talent Officer – Briarcliff Manor and Jefferson Valley

Prudence is a human resources professional with over 21 years of expertise in the field. She resides in Greenwich, CT with her husband and three of their five children. Prudence is passionate about family time and self improvement. She also enjoys traveling and reading.



Sigurjonsson, Renee

New Club Fit Staff Member – Renee Sigurjonsson

Counterperson – Jefferson Valley

Renee is currently studying nursing at Western Connecticut State University. She loves spending her free time with animals and kids.




Arrucci, Rosemarie3New Club Fit Staff Member – Rosemarie Arrucci

Membership Representative – Jefferson Valley

Rose has an extensive background as a licensed Massage Therapist and certified Lymphedema Therapist. She is knowledgeable in anatomy, physiology, lymphology and many bodywork modalities. Rose is passionate about gardening, singing, jewelry making, word games, family and friends. She believes that laughter is the best medicine.



Maynard, ShaniceNew Club Fit Staff Member – Shanice Maynard

Receptionist – Briarcliff Manor

Shanice is a Pace Graduate Student who has played basketball during her college career. She enjoys staying fit and loves to cook in her spare time. She is now pursuing a Masters in Counseling. 




Newman, EdwardNew Club Fit Staff Member – Edward Newman

Lifeguard – Jefferson Valley

Ed is an extrovert. He loves to meet new people and help them solve problems. Ed is a Nursing graduate from Hartwick College with a BSRN. He enjoys family time. Ed has been a lifeguard for 7 years and wants to continue on to become a nurse. He has been an EMT in the past and truly enjoyed it. Ed is ready and excited to work with the JV team!



Collins, Peter2New Club Fit Staff Member – Peter Collins

Lifeguard – Briarcliff Manor

Peter has been an athlete all his life, playing track and soccer in high school. In college he was on the rowing team. He loves going to the beach and hiking.




Donahue, BrianNew Club Fit Staff Member – Brian Donahue

Counterperson – Briarcliff Manor

Brian is a graduate of Rising Tide Charter Public School. He is now going to college for Communications in Media Arts.




Dillon, ClaireNew Club Fit Staff Member – Claire Dillon

Water Safety Instructor – Jefferson Valley

Claire, a life-long swimmer, is currently a member of Fordham University’s Division I swim team. She is majoring in New Media and Digital Design with a minor in Visual Art. She was a member of the Club Fit Jefferson Valley swim team for five years.




Schaeffler, WilliamReturning Club Fit Staff Member – William Schaeffler

Lifeguard – Jefferson Valley

Will is a graduate of SUNY Brockport with a degree in Kinesiology. He is a 3 year member of the Brockport men’s ice hockey team. Will has experience working as a lifeguard and swim instructor, and looks to add to the staff at Club Fit.




Sayman, AmandaReturning Club Fit Staff Member – Amanda Sayman

Receptionist – Jefferson Valley

Amanda returns to Club Fit as a Receptionist after graduating from SUNY Oneonta with a degree in Psychology. Amanda has a strong passion for fitness!




Burke, AndrewNew Club Fit Staff Member – Andrew Burke

Receptionist – Briarcliff Manor

Andrew is a recent graduate of Lakeland High School. In his spare time he enjoys walking his dog, working on his car, and running. Andrew is currently at WCC to pursue a career in computer science.




Spaeth, ChristopherNew Club Fit Staff Member – Christopher Spaeth

Receptionist – Briarcliff Manor

Chris just recently moved back to NY after being in South Carolina for 8 years. After a successful career with Best Buy in sales, installation and leadership, Chris is looking for his next challenge in fitness and nutrition.




Wakeford, SashaNew Club Fit Staff Member – Sasha Wakeford

Receptionist – Jefferson Valley

Sasha loves art, serving the community by volunteering at the firehouse, and fostering dogs whenever she gets the chance. She hopes to be a nurse without borders so she can help people from all parts of the world.




AlexaNew Club Fit Staff Member – Alexa Guevara

Childcare Worker – Briarcliff Manor

Alexa is a graduate of Lakeland Senior High School. She is now a Freshman in college as a Fine Arts Major. She enjoys photography and theater. She loves to work with children. This past year Alexa interned as an art teacher in an elementary school.




Michael (672x800)New Club Fit Staff Member – Michael Meyering

Counterperson – Jefferson Valley

Mike has just graduated from Lakeland High School and hopes to achieve success while attending Westchester Community College in the fall of 2016. He plans to transfer to a SUNY school in the future and has goals of going into the field of psychology.



New Club Fit Staff Member – Jackson Childs

Childcare Worker – Jefferson Valley

Jackson is majoring in Finance at Manhattanville College. He enjoys playing basketball and football with his friends. Summer is his favorite time of the year because he’s able to hike, swim, and travel.

Jie-Yang-blog-200New Club Fit Staff Member – Jie Yang

Fitness Coach – Briarcliff Manor

Jie received BS in Chinese Martial Arts from Tianjin Normal University (China) and MS in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation from Brooklyn College (NYC). Jie has more than 10 years of experience working in clinics and gyms making clients healthier and happier. When not at work, Jie enjoys quality time with family, designing and travelling.



New Club Fit Staff Member – Laura Braun

Childcare Worker – Jefferson Valley

Laura is excited to be joining the Club Fit family as a child care provider. She has three children of her own and has spent the last ten years working with children both within the Lakeland Central School District and Lakeland Children’s Center. Laura loves the theater and is involved in both community and school related productions.



New Club Fit Staff Member – Erica Wharton

Fitness Coach Briarcliff Manor

Erica is a graduate student attending New York Medical College to obtain a doctorate degree in physical therapy. She played intercollegiate field hockey and ran track. She now fills her time hiking, weight lifting, snowboarding, etc.



New Club Fit Staff Member – Stephen Mahon

Lifeguard Briarcliff Manor

Stephen is a graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Social Sciences from Westchester Community College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Quinnipiac University. He is currently pursuing a Masters in government and politics at St. John’s University, and his law degree at St. John’s School of Law. His hobbies include cars, motorcycles, swimming, and reading.



New Club Fit Staff Member – Brandon Gonzalez

Counterperson – Jefferson Valley

Brandon is an aspiring Massage Therapist / Sports Medicine Major in New York City. He plans to be in the Sports / Medical environment for a while. He also has a strong interest in cars!



New Club Fit Staff Member – Erin Sweeney

Lifeguard – Briarcliff Manor

Erin is a 2016 graduate of Cazenovia College where she played volleyball and lacrosse. She is now a JV Volleyball Coach!



New Club Fit Staff Member – Joaquin Pogyo

Receptionist – Briarcliff Manor

Joaquin is a hard working individual who has never let obstacles stand in his way. Currently he is continuing to get his Master’s Degree at Pace University. He enjoys working out as it is a sense of peace for him, and he uses it as a method to clear his head. Joaquin is a huge fanatic of both football and basketball.



Returning Club Fit Staff Member – Lisa Casey

Childcare Worker – Jefferson Valley

Lisa is a graduate of Mercy College but is returning to school for paralegal studies. She enjoys doing Tough Mudders with friends, trying new things, and traveling. Lisa has been to over 15 countries and hopes to see a lot more of the world in the future!



IMG_20160904_075457 - FrankNew Club Fit Staff Member – Frank Murphy

Fitness Coach – Jefferson Valley

Frank is graduate of the University of New Haven class of 2015. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. He loves hockey, and football. His favorite teams are the New York Rangers, and the New York Jets.




IMG_20160904_075359 - JessicaNew Club Fit Staff Member – Jessica Epstein

Receptionist – Briarcliff Manor

Jessie studied at SUNY Albany, graduating this past May with a BS in Public Health. Jessie loves being outdoors, doing volunteer work and spending time with her family. She backpacked across Europe after graduating and loves to travel. She is passionate about helping people and is excited to be joining the Club Fit Briarcliff team.




IMG_20160904_075550 - SabrinaNew Club Fit Staff Member – Sabrina Turchan

Receptionist – Briarcliff Manor

Sabrina is attending Westchester Community to study nursing. She moved to New York a couple years ago from Georgia. She loves attending concerts, cooking and animals.




New Club Fit Staff Member – Jennifer DeBellis

Childcare Worker – Jefferson Valley

Jenn is a very friendly and nice person who loves working with kids. She is a head teacher at a day care as well, and loves every minute of it. She is also going to school part time for a degree in Early Childhood Education. Jenn also has a degree in fashion design and loves to sew and paint – and basically anything that makes her use her creativity.



New Club Fit Staff Member – Brenda Bettman

Membership Representative – Jefferson Valley

Brenda is thrilled to become part of the Club Fit team. She is looking forward to making new connections, making a difference and being part of a positive environment. What makes her tick: family, laughter, the outdoors, friendship and good food.



IMG_20160907_143543771_HDR Kristen (599x800)New Club Fit Staff Member – Kristen Maxwell

Lifeguard – Jefferson Valley

Kristen loves to play lacrosse. She enjoys working out and staying fit. She loves being around people.




Returning Club Fit Staff Member – Megan Bradbury

Membership Team Associate Jefferson Valley

Megan is very excited to continue to be a part of the Club Fit family! She worked in reception at Jefferson Valley’s Club Fit while she was home from school the past two summers. Megan graduated from Marist College this past May while also interning at CNN for four months. She loves to go to the gym and take the Group Fitness classes.



New Club Fit Staff Member – Sean Alequin

Childcare Worker Jefferson Valley

Sean is currently studying Business but has a love for the arts: music, fashion, graphic design and photography. He also enjoys health and nutrition and has a strong background in restaurant services. Sean truly believes that if you want something, you must claim it, and eventually you will achieve that goal… No excuses.



IMG_20160909_162446 TristanNew Club Fit Staff Member – Tristan Fancie

Counterperson Briarcliff Manor

Tristan has always liked helping people, professionally or otherwise. If food can be considered a hobby, then it’s up there! Tristan is quiet at first, but a pretty good time once you get to know him. He says that if you call him weird, he will take it as a compliment!





New Club Fit Staff Member – Jasmin Fleming

Energy Manager Jefferson Valley

Jasmin has worked in both non-profit organizations and in educational settings. She enjoys playing instruments, painting, paddle ball, cooking and people. Her passion in life is her family, helping individuals and making the world a better place.



IMG_20160915_133020 EllieNew Club Fit Staff Member – Ellen Rinaldi

Lifeguard – Briarcliff Manor

Ellie is going to school to become a teacher. She loves dogs and being outside. She’ll always be down with going swimming or playing tennis, and she’s very excited to join our team!




IMG_20160915_133053 HunterNew Club Fit Staff Member – Hunter-Storm Ridgway

Receptionist Briarcliff Manor

Hunter is a movie lover, theater fanatic, and above all else loves to sing and play the piano. His friends enjoy calling him Storm or Raincloud to poke fun but they don’t know he actually enjoys it.



New Club Fit Staff Member – Samantha Franks

Fitness Coach – Briarcliff Manor

Samantha is a graduate of Keene State College with a degree in Exercise Science with a Health Specialization. She is a certified Personal Trainer and has expertise in functional movement and resistance training. She played varsity soccer and lacrosse in high school and also played rugby in college. She enjoys running and being physically active.



IMG_20160916_171828449 (646x800)New Club Fit Staff Member – Jeremy Soto

Lifeguard – Briarcliff Manor

Jeremy loves swimming and has been competing ever since the age of 10. Jeremy is currently a Nursing major at Pace University. His skills include first aid, problem solving, and socializing. He really appreciates the positivity and welcoming environment at Club Fit.



New Club Fit Staff Member – Kelsey Hough

Lifeguard Jefferson Valley

Kelsey enjoys playing lacrosse and spending time with friends. She loves to work as a lifeguard and is very excited to join the Club Fit team.



IMG_20160916_171755031 Lirik (600x800)New Club Fit Staff Member – Lirik Brucaj

Lifeguard Jefferson Valley

Lirik attends Pace University and is a computer science major. In his spare time Lirik likes to research and watch videos about cars. Lirik has been lifeguarding for 3 years.




IMG_20161005_145102 - ChaseNew Club Fit Staff Member – Chase Fendrich

Receptionist – Briarcliff Manor

Chase has been a Club Fit member since he was 5 years old! He is a graduate of Stepinac High School where he played football and lacrosse. He enjoys spending time with his family and two dogs. Chase continues to play lacrosse and has several hobbies, including cars and photography.




IMG_20161005_145045New Club Fit Staff Member – Stephen Dixon

Tennis Professional – Briarcliff Manor

Steve is from Florida and has been a teaching pro for almost 30 yrs. He went to Santa Fe college in Gainsville and is a life long Gator Fan! Steve loves being outdoors, snow skiing, water skiing, camping and College football.



New Club Fit Staff Member – Denise Parra

Receptionist – Briarcliff Manor

Denise is a sophomore nursing major at Pace University. She loves helping others and shows it through her experience with a number of medical certifications. She wishes to continue on her passion through acheiving her bachelor degree in nursing.



IMG_20161005_145003 (584x800)New Club Fit Staff Member – Jeremy Rodriguez

Lifeguard – Briarcliff Manor

Jeremy is studying to become a Social Studies teacher. He loves watching basketball, reading, and hanging out with his friends.




IMG_20161005_144950 (2)New Club Fit Staff Member – Matthew Weir

Lifeguard Coordinator – Briarcliff Manor

Matt is a student at Westchester Community College with a focus in Liberal Arts Social Sciences. He is a volunteer EMT & ambulance driver with Tarrytown’s Volunteer Ambulance Corps. In his free time, Matt enjoys a good hike in the Adirondack or Catskill mountains!



IMG_20161005_144936New Club Fit Staff Member – Michelle Cianci

Receptionist – Briarcliff Manor

Michele is a graduate of Fordham University and a NYS certified EMT. She enjoys teaching and also volunteering at her local ambulance corps.




IMG_1066 AlexandraNew Club Fit Staff Member – Alexandra Cardoza

Hospitality Supervisor – Briarcliff Manor

Alex is a mother of two children. She has a daughter in college and a son in High School. She is a Disney Fanatic and loves to go above and beyond to help people. She is very caring and has a good ear for listening. She enjoys crocheting, reading and spending time with her kids. She enjoys participating in organizations for causes such as Autism, American Heart Association, Cancer, Alzheimers.



IMG_20161005_144915 Paige WagnerNew Club Fit Staff Member – Paige Wagner

Water Safety Instructor – Jefferson Valley

Paige is a senior at Somers High School. She is a member of the varsity swim team. Paige loves being in the water and working with people.




New Club Fit Staff Member – Steven AlfanoIMG_20161007_130116547 Steven (839x1024)

Receptionist – Briarcliff Manor

Steven is a graduate from Westchester Community College with an Associates Degree in Business Administration. He has many hobbies that include physical activities, reading, and photography.




IMG_20161007_130507454 Valerie (849x1024)New Club Fit Staff Member – Valerie Reaman

Receptionist – Briarcliff Manor

Valerie is a graduate of Fox Lane High School. She has lived in Ossining for over 25 years. Valerie is a member of the Ossining Fire Department. She is a true fighter – she made it though cancer and came out a winner. She is a wife and a mother. She is very outgoing and understanding.



IMG_20161007_130207289 Cheryl (803x1024)New Club Fit Staff Member – Cheryl Smith

Group Fitness Danceology Instructor – Jefferson Valley

Cheryl is a graduate of Vassar College with a BA in Music, specializing in vocal performance. While she currently spends most of her time chasing her toddlers around, she also performs in and around Westchester County and gives private voice coaching. Cheryl feels that dance is a natural expression of the joy that music brings to her, and she hopes to inspire others to feel the music and dance their way to better health!




Benefits of Tai Chi

by Master Trainer and Exercise Physiologist, Jie Yang

Master Trainer Jie Yang

Master Trainer Jie Yang will be leading a New Tai Chi class at Club Fit Brircliff

Born in Xi’an, China, Jie Yang is trained in various martial arts forms including Taichi and Xingyi. He holds his Master’s in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist by American College of Sports Medicine.

Jie will be leading a new Tai Chi fitness program at Club Fit Briarcliff, beginning October 21st.

The core training in this class involves a slow sequence of movements (solo form) which emphasize a straight spine, abdominal breathing, and a natural range of motion, with the form being performed over their center of gravity. Accurate, repeated practice of the routine can retrain posture, encourage circulation throughout our bodies and maintain flexibility through the joints.

Research-established benefits

  1. Promotion of balance control, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and has shown to reduce the risk of falls in both healthy young performers and elderly patients [2, 15], and those recovering from chronic stroke [3], heart failure, high blood pressure, heart attacks, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and fibromyalgia [4-5].
  2. Tai chi’s gentle, low impact movements burn more calories than surfing and nearly as many as downhill skiing [6].
    Tai chi, along with yoga, has reduced levels of LDLs 20–26 milligrams when practiced for 12–14 weeks [7].
  3. Compared to regular stretching, tai chi showed the ability to greatly reduce pain and improve overall physical and mental health in people over 60 with severe osteoarthritis of the knee [8]. In addition, a pilot study, which has not been published in a peer-reviewed medical journal, has found preliminary evidence that tai chi and related qigong may reduce the severity of diabetes [9].
  4. In a randomized trial of 66 patients with fibromyalgia, the tai chi intervention group did significantly better in terms of pain, fatigue, sleeplessness and depression than a comparable group given stretching exercises and wellness education [5].
  5. A recent study evaluated the effects of two types of behavioral intervention, tai chi and health education, on healthy adults, who, after 16 weeks of the intervention, were vaccinated with VARIVAX, a live attenuated Oka/Merck Varicella zoster virus vaccine. The tai chi group showed higher and more significant levels of cell-mediated immunity to varicella zoster virus than the control group that received only health education. It appears that tai chi augments resting levels of varicella zoster virus-specific cell-mediated immunity and boosts the efficacy of the varicella vaccine. Tai chi alone does not lessen the effects or probability of a shingles attack, but it does improve the effects of the varicella zoster virus vaccine [10].

Stress and mental health
A systematic review and meta-analysis, funded in part by the U.S. government, of the current (as of 2010) studies on the effects of practicing Tai Chi found that, “Twenty-one of 33 randomized and nonrandomized trials reported that 1 hour to 1 year of regular Tai Chi significantly increased psychological well-being including reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression, and enhanced mood in community-dwelling healthy participants and in patients with chronic conditions. Seven observational studies with relatively large sample sizes reinforced the beneficial association between Tai Chi practice and psychological health [11].”
There have also been indications that tai chi might have some effect on noradrenaline and cortisol reduction with an effect on mood and heart rate. However, the effect may be no different than those derived from other types of physical exercise [12]. In one study, tai chi has also been shown to reduce the symptoms of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in 13 adolescents. The improvement in symptoms seem to persist after the tai chi sessions were terminated [13].
In June, 2007 the United States National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine published an independent, peer-reviewed, meta-analysis of the state of meditation research, conducted by researchers at the University of Alberta Evidence-based Practice Center. The report reviewed 813 studies (88 involving Tai Chi) of five broad categories of meditation: mantra meditation, mindfulness meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong. The report concluded that “the therapeutic effects of meditation practices cannot be established based on the current literature,” and “firm conclusions on the effects of meditation practices in healthcare cannot be drawn based on the available evidence [14].

In 2003, the National Library of Medicine, the largest medical library in the world and subdivision of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, awarded a grant to American Tai Chi and Qigong Association to build a website titled “The Online Tai Chi & Health Information Center.” The information center was officially released in 2004 and has since then been providing scientific, reliable, and comprehensive information about various health benefits of Tai Chi – for arthritis, diabetes, fall prevention, pain reduction, mental health, cardiovascular diseases, fitness, and general well-being.

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To Keep You Inspired … Denise D’Amico

Our Club Fit Members Keep Us Inspired

{by Lisa Olney, Club Fit guest blogger}

To Keep You Inspired… Club Fit Member Denise D'Amico

Club Fit Member Denise D’Amico chose to take care of her health through diet and exercise.

Club Fit Jefferson Valley member Denise D’Amico is a change maker and a problem solver, a trusted force in the Yorktown community. As a local real estate broker for over twenty years, a co-founder and past president of the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce, and a charter board member of Support Connection, helping others and creating meaningful change is simply what Denise does. In 2015, however, she discovered a new person in need of help — herself.

In January of 2015 a visit to the doctor revealed a serious weight-related health issue — pre-diabetes. That was the day that forced Denise to face weight issues that she had battled for years. Her doctor laid two options before her: take several medications every day; or 2) lose weight and see if her body responds. Amidst a flood of emotions, Denise called upon her inner grit — and chose option two. She also chose Club Fit as her partner in getting there.

Quarterly doctor appointments became the new norm for Denise, and after three months her doctor noticed a difference. After six months, everyone was noticing a difference. By the time July of 2016 rolled around, Denise had lost 125 pounds, thanks to her new routine at Club Fit, her modified diet, and her steely resolve and can-do attitude. Most importantly, Denise reversed her health issue, and as a result does not need any medications.

So, how did this inspiring transformation occur? After consulting with her doctor on nutrition and exercise, as well as her daughter who is a nurse and athlete, Denise changed her diet, eliminating most carbohydrates and sugar. Over time, she switched from meats to fish and from yolks to egg whites. Water is a constant throughout her diet as well, and she drinks half her weight in ounces, daily. Advance journaling of her food has been a key ingredient in her success as well. “If you know what you’re going to eat in advance, you’re less likely to fail,” Denise says. “Food is medicine, and the planning is vital to success.”

Denise exercises at Club Fit five to six days a week and feels it sets the pace for her day, keeping her centered. Her balanced blend of activity is a vital part of her daily routine. A typical day for Denise begins in the locker room with a weigh-in, and she feels it has been one of her most important habits throughout her weight loss. “It keeps me accountable to my goals,” she explains. By 6:30 am Denise is in the Club Fit lap pool where she swims one mile, daily. At 7:50 am, she switches gears and powerwalks two miles in the Fitness Center. Next, it’s time to get her dancing shoes on, and she meets her friends for the 9am Danceology class — her favorite Club Fit activity. On specific days, she now does kickboxing as well as the Circuit for her bone strength. Denise laughs that exercising is a love-hate relationship for her. “Sometimes, I hate to do it, but I love the way it makes me feel,” says Denise. “I wouldn’t trade that feeling for anything. It’s euphoria.”

Denise’s husband, Lou, joins her daily at the gym, taking a spin class, after which they return home for breakfast at 10:30am. In the afternoon, Denise takes advantage of the track where she lives and powerwalks two more miles. At 2:30pm she has lunch—typically a large salad with homemade dressing. Many times, Lou will join Denise for her afternoon walk, as well, but forgoes the powerwalk opting for a leisurely, relaxing pace. In the evening, Lou and Denise have a dinner around 4:30 of protein — typically salmon — and a variety of vegetables. Her special treat (from time to time) has become a square of Ghirardelli chocolate.

Weaving nutrition and exercise together was key for Denise in losing weight and reclaiming her health. She credits her Club Fit routine as essential in her weight loss success — both physically and mentally. “Club Fit is #1 and sets the pace for the rest of your day,” says Denise. “Exercising makes you happy; it makes you want to engage with others.”

Congrats to our Club Fit Flag Football Team!

Our winning Club Fit Flag Football Team

Our winning Club Fit Flag Football Team

We are very proud of our Club Fit Flag Football team. Staff, members, family and friends joined forces to participate in a local football league, winning the trophy after only three seasons.

Their success story…

We started out as a group of friends just playing a pick-up two-hand touch game of football on Christmas Day, 2015. A few days later, Personal Trainer Russ Schum suggested playing in a Holiday Flag Football Tournament coming up the next month. Excited and ready to get started, we began to recruit more employees from Club Fit, as well as family and friends. Eventually, we changed leagues, and joined the Tappan Zee Flag Football League (TZFFL), entering in the Spring B Division.

Under the name “Squadd” we started the 2015 season with a well-deserved 7-6 victory. Throughout the season, we took our fair share of bumps and bruises – we struggled at times, but finished our season with a 2-6 record. Despite the losses, we were determined to improve and push ahead.

With one season of experience under our belts and a crop of new players on our team, we began the second season filled with hope and an expectation of winning more games.  We won the first three of four games – and it was evident the changes we made were coming to fruition. Unfortunately our early success was short lived – we stumbled during the middle of our season, but managed to carry ourselves to the playoffs.  Although we felt confident in our abilities to win, we were outmatched and ultimately lost.

Our third season brought renewed vigor and determination, under our new name – the Westchester Spartans.  With the help of a few key players, we devised new strategies. We kicked off the season with an outstanding 19-0 victory. We went into our second game with renewed confidence, only to be quickly humbled by a 26-21 loss.  Nevertheless, we won the last 6 games of the regular season and entered the playoffs with seven wins and one loss – ready to tackle the championship game. We fought hard and won!

After two seasons of accomplishments, and a few setbacks, we finally came out as the success story we were hoping to become. Perhaps the most meaningful aspect of this journey for us was that we started out simply as colleagues from around Club Fit, and ended as close friends and champions.  Through the seasons, we got to know more about one another and learned how to play football successfully together as a team.  We may have lost a few people along the way, and added some new players, but we’re all dedicated and determined to play more football and play it well into the future, as a team.

Our Winning Team:

Club Fit Staff
Brandon Brailsford — Team Captain (BR Fitness)
Bobby Drinks (BR Energy Center)
Jordan Archible (BR Reception)
Russ Schum (BR Fitness)
Jesse Drinks (BR Energy Center)
Tyler Hamberg (BR Fitness)
Sam Lacour (BR Energy Center)
Tommy Weingart (BR Fitness)
James Johnson (BR Energy Center)
Joe Riley (JV Fitness)
Jason Fancie (BR Energy Center)
Tarik Stovall (BR Energy Center)

Club Fit Members
Matt Laccetti
Ryan Tompkins

Family and Friends
DeVonte’ Brailsford
Mike Olave
Alejandro Rodriguez
Ryan McNiff
Tyson Agler
Nick Miranda
Al Brailsford
Kevin Miranda
Chris Fucci